Take the bandage off after 6-8 hours unless told otherwise by your artist.

Wash your tattoo the first time thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap,water and your HAND (do not use anything other then your hand) Light rubbing maybe necessary to remove the coagulated blood and ink.

Rinse thoroughly and dab dry with a clean towel. allow the tattoo to air dry for one hour. Moisturize with Hustle Butter, After Inked, Tattoo Goo or any other lotion that is white, water based, and free of perfume and alcohol.

Take the time to massage the lotion in thoroughly. Tattoos need air to heal. DO NOT EVER leave lotion on your tattoo. Massaging with lotion increases blood flow, keeps your scab pliable and promotes healing.

Wash your new tattoo gently and quickly 2-3 times a day. Moisturize after every washing. Remember to add adequate drying time in between washing and lotion.


  • Pick Scab

  • Re bandage tattoo

  • Soak in hot tubs, ocean , pools or lakes till tattoo is healed. Your tattoo should not get wet unless it is being washed.

  • Wear tight clothing on tattoo area - no shoes or socks on tattooed feet (2 weeks)

  • get in a tanning bed

If you have any questions, or you feel that something is wrong with your tattoo, come to the shop and let one of the tattoo artists take a look at it before you go anywhere else.


See some of the aftercare we suggest


Oral Piercing- BODYTECH recommends Lake View Oral Rinse used 3 - 4 times daily. One cap full on the tongue is all that is necessary. Avoid- kissing, oral sex, smoking, drugs, alcohol, chewing gum, drinking from straws,"playing with the piercing" (sticking out of mouth, banging on teeth, touching with fingers), hot drinks and spicy food. When eating - take small bites and chew slowly. If a certain food hurts to eat it, do not eat it.

Swelling- eat ice cream, popsicles, ice chips, ice water. DO NOT suck on popsicles or ice! Just let it melt in your mouth. The suction can cause bleeding. No Straws for the same reason. If you do not use Lake View Oral Rinse mouthwash the alternatives we recommend are Oral B and alcohol FREE Biotine. Rinse after eating or drinking ANYTHING.

All other piercing's- We recommend you use H2 ocean spray for all non-oral piercing's 4-6 times daily. Hold spray bottle close to piercing and soak thoroughly.

Avoid- pools, lakes, beaches, hot tubs, springs, tanning beds, for at least 6-8 weeks.

Things to be careful with: pets, children, seat belts, hugging,sex, or anything that will rub on pierced area.

Genital Piercing's- Avoid sex for 6-8 weeks sorry!

Cleaning piercing- Clean your piercing twice a day using warm water and antibacterial liquid soap, lather well, make sure to clean off all dried secretions that may be present. RINSE WELL. Any soap left on or in the piercing can cause redness or irritation. If H2 Ocean is not used a sterile saline solution can be used.

If you have any questions, or feel that something is wrong with your piercing, come to the shop and let one of the piercers take a look at it before you go anywhere else.


See the aftercare we suggest for piercings