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Your first trip to a tattoo shop can be a bit intimidating, if not flat out scary as hell. So here is a short introduction to help you feel a bit more comfortable during your first visit to Gainesville's premier tattoo studio, BODYTECH. Getting a tattoo is a multi-staged process. First, you will have to pick out a design or have a custom picture drawn, get a consultation (needed only if the tattoo is big or if your original referance needs to be altered), pick an artist, determine the best placement on your body, figure out a size, and get comfortable cause the real fun is about to begin.

What to expect

When you walk into BODYTECH, there will probably be some music playing, and quite a few people with lots of tattoos and piercing - don't worry, nice people get tattoos and piercing's too. One of these friendly tattooed type people will be in the receptionist area waiting to answer any questions that you might have. *Remember that there is no such thing as a stupid question.


First things first: "are you of age?"

At BODYTECH we only pierce or tattoo people that are the legal age of 18 with proper identification (Drivers License, State ID, Passport) Any one who would like to get a service under the age of 18 must bring in a parent and have a Notarized Parental Consent form, provided by BODYTECH in the forms section of this web-site. Both the parent and the minor must have a picture ID, School ID will work if accompanied by a Birth Certificate with both the child and the parents names on it. Because we are regulated by the Florida Department of Health, unlike some of those mall places, all clients must have a Parental Consent form filled out and Notarized. The following is a list of ages and services we will perform at that age.

NO SERVICE WILL BE PREFORMED WITHOUT PROPER ID!  Tattoo Consent Form  Piercing Consent Form



  • 12 - and under - Ear Lobes Only

  • 13 to 14 - Ear Lobes, Cartilage, Nose, Navels, NO Conchs

  • 15 - Ear Lobes, Tragus, Conch, Lips, Labrets, Monroe's, Tongues, Navels, Nose, (NO Septum, No Dermal, Surface, Indust).

  • 16 to 17 - Tattoos and any Piercing but Genitals/Nipples (Male or Female), (No Surface, No Dermals, No Septum, No Indust).

  • Piercing Minor Consent Form


To get a tattoo under the age of 18 you MUST have a state or Federal issued ID, MUST be atleast 16 and MUST have a parent with you. More information in the consent form page. Tattoo Minor Consent Form


Already know what you want for a tattoo or just have an idea?
Bring in your reference material the more pictures you can show the artist the better idea they will have when drawing your custom tattoo. We can work with a photo, sketch, picture in a book, magazine, or picture online.


Don't know what you want?
Come on in! we have an extensive collection of pre-drawn tattoo art pictures (animals, symbols, crosses, cartoons, flowers, fish, butterflies, lettering, wings and anything else you might think of). Any image that is in the shop can be tattooed as is, or can be combined with other pictures to create your own one of a kind tattoo.


Picking a Tattoo Artist
Once you know what you want, you have to decide who is going to be your personal body beautifier (Artist) or we can pick one that is best suited for your design. Take the time to look at all of the artists portfolios. Find one that best matches the style of tattoo that you are wanting to get. After you have a tattoo artist in mind, and if your tattoo designs needs to be redrawn, talk to them, show them the idea that you have and they will make all of the changes needed and set up an appointment to get the tattoo done.


How much does it cost?
In order to give a price, an artist is going to need to see you, the tattoo design, and the placement. for that you will have to come in to the store and talk to the artist. All tattoos are priced by the time it will take to do the tattoo. Our shop min is $40. No prices will be given over the phone or computer. Sorry!


How about here?
The placement of the tattoo is just as important as the design. Some places on the body are harder to tattoo due to the natural contours and skin consistency. For instance, a tattoo on your arm or leg is easy because the skin is tight and the ink can be inserted into the skin with ease. Other places on the body such as the stomach or ribcage are more difficult requiring more time in the chair. This equals more cost.


The amount of detail will determine the size of your tattoo. For longevity reasons you should not try to cram lots of detail into small spaces. Over time small details can become lost, so bigger is better.

Schedule it!

Walk-in's are always welcome at BODYTECH. Often, you can come in pick your design and get tattooed that very day. However; if your idea will need to be sketched, cleaned up, or the artist is already booked with appointments for the night, you will have to wait. If you have to schedule an appointment, we will start you a file, and you will have to leave a $20 deposit to hold the appointment time. The money will be applied to the cost of your tattoo when you come in. Failure to keep your appointment time or if you do not call before your appointment time will forfeit your deposit.


Is it done yet?
It is very important that if you are having a tattoo custom drawn for you that you be patient. Your Artist may be working on multiple drawings and is systematically working through his files. Some tattoo designs can take as little as a day and others as long as a month. The artist will call you when your custom piece is finished to set up an appointment or have you come in to take a look at it.

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